Who am I?

A precision pixel-pusher with an undying love for black coffee.

©Ryan Scott Welsh - ( http://www.ryanscottwelsh.com )

©Ryan Scott Welsh - (http://www.ryanscottwelsh.com)

Hey, I'm Abram Goglanian.


As a designer, I've been fortunate to work with multiple companies, ranging from Tech Startups, to Big Data Solutions, to eCommerce and everything in-between. My focus, which stems from my passion for research, is in creating comprehensive Design Systems that can be deployed across entire platforms to simultaneously create seamless user experiences but also a clear way for design teams to keep everything consistent. I nerd out on typography, can't stop buying books and always update my software way too early just to stay on the bleeding edge. I'm a photographer, husband, dog-dad and coffee addict.

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Toyota Motors North America, Toyota Financial Services, Saatchi & Saatchi, Disney, VYRL, Matador Network, Ramada Maingate, GBI, Troparé Inc.