LATITUDE® by Benjamin Moore™

LATITUDE® is Benjamin Moore’s newest collection of premium neutral-tone paints. The inspiration for the series comes from black and white landscape photography, the masterful work of Ansel Adams, Sebastião Salgado and Henri Cartier Bresson and all of the beautiful range of tones that can be produced within a photograph. The primary demographic for this product is both designers and architects who’s projects require an elegant solution for interior color treatments and design.

The name LATITUDE® was created for the product line because of its dual purpose relationship with photography. Exposure latitude is a term that expresses how much light is being recorded in your image by your film or digital sensor. Latitude is a critical part of landscape photography, and it is something that many photographers have dedicated their careers to mastering. In addition to the technical, it evokes the emotional spirit of travel (latitude & longitude), setting a destination and exploring new places is the romantic side of image-making.


Header image taken by: Abram Goglanian, all other photographs are ©Sebastião Salgado, Ansel Adams or Henri Cartier Bresson.