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Simple information in a visually appealing design was the goal.


CONCEPT: To take an existing, and relatively new product and create a better solution for its packaging and how important information is presented to customers.  There is a popular misconception that “required” information has to look a certain way, especially when it’s required by the government. Through the design process of ideation and design development, I arrived at a solution that uses required information but delivers it in a visually appealing and very easy to understand presentation. My design shares the information remaining clearly and without bias. The challenge is presenting generally “uninteresting” or “scientific” data in a clear manner that consumers can easily understand.


Design: Abram Goglanian  / Photography: Abram Goglanian

If you're interested in seeing the research I did for this project as well as my design thinking, I invite you to have a look at my process book by following my link to issuu here.