Carro is the flagship product we created at VYRL during my employment there.

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At VYRL, our focus was producing technology that would make it easy for brands to communicate with the Social Media Influencers that are already fans of theirs. This data is not something that was readily available and as such, made for a high-friction process in surfacing the right people.

Carro reveals all of the influencers and press that are your brand's customers, email subscribers, and followers.

A big part of my process for any project is to take plenty of notes and to write down all of the ideas we come up with, even if they never come to light.

A big part of my process for any project is to take plenty of notes and to write down all of the ideas we come up with, even if they never come to light.


Creating The Brand

In working on the branding for Carro I explored quite a few options with icons, shapes, textures, color and typeface families. Something that started to stick was this group of dots which we felt created a system, something we could build off of that represented the key points of the product.



After deciding the dots were something we wanted to continue to explore, I began to work with typefaces and modifying them to keep the flow of the wordmark consistent. Given the muted color palette, I took some inspiration from older logos circa 1970-1990 and wanted to give that vintage rounded feel, while still feeling fresh and modern for today. 


What we found was that we needed to get our users to connect their accounts, and upload their email lists all by themselves and in the end we made a very streamlined process based on multiple rounds of feedback from our test users.

User Onboarding

The Carro onboarding experience was a unique challenge for our team in that we had to make the product simple to use and configure without input or help from our end. We had to ask ourselves how we could simplify the process so that anyone could do it.


Creating the Product

it makes producing a product so much smoother! After multiple rounds of refinement and feedback from our target audience we were able to get the MVP of Carro assembled and it is presently in review to publicly launch on the Shopify App Store. Based on the feedback we’ve received from our early users, I’d say we’re on the right track.

In creating the actual product, I worked hand-in-hand with our development team so we could execute designs quickly and build the platform so we could get it into user’s hands. Being the only designer on the team I conducted all of the user research and applied that information into each revision. The best lesson I was able to take away from the entire process was working so tightly with a development team,


Carro is now available on the Shopify App Store. Learn more about it at www.getcarro.com

Design: Abram Goglanian | Development: VYRL Team