Andas™ is a new app that is being designed in partnership with the International Coach Federation (ICF) to connect people with real coaches to solve real problems. People are more connected than ever before, and yet we couldnt be further apart from one another. Andas™ aims to build you up through meaningful and lasting support by getting you connected to our team of highly trained coaches. 

In today’s on-demand culture of instant gratification, one can acquire movies, music, and funny cat photos as fast as their data connection allows. Wouldn’t it be great if you could instantly connect with someone to help you resolve a problem, or guide you through the insurmountable challenges you have to face every single day?


The premise behind Andas™ lies in the core of todays on-demand lifestyle, as a society, we have become accustomed to instant access to nearly anything we desire via the internet, yet collectively, we dont always have someone to turn to when it comes to overcoming a challenge before us. What if you dont have time to schedule a face-to-face meeting with a life coach? What if you cant afford it in the first place? Shouldnt everyone have the opportunity to get the help that they need, when they need it at a price they can afford? The team at Andas saw this incredible need and set out to address it. 

With Andas, you get coaching in the moment.